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My Money Making Efforts
Quit By Proxy !

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This is where I'll tell you about some of my money making efforts.   I REALLY don't want to go back to work for someone else. 

We all know that it takes MONEY to survive, and I know that I'm not likely to get enough donations to live on.  I am trying several different money making avenues....(unfortunately prostitution is illegal here, or I could kill two birds with one stone!  lol)   One of my eBay auctions got pulled ....I didn't know that you couldn't auction off a pair of used pantyhose!  Oh well, I know it now!  Guess I won't try that anymore.  I don't understand how other people get by with auctioning off worn nylon knee highs though, because my auctions for the same thing get cancelled by ebay.  Maybe somebody's afraid of a little competition??

I'm selling some stuff on eBay.  My seller id is quitbyproxy.  I'll sell just about anything I have that isn't nailed down!  Please take a look at my auctions.
Total from eBay sales so far... a little over $117.00 (minus the fees) 
Thank you to all of my eBay bidders!  You'll never know how much I appreciate you!!

Check out my eBay auctions!

I had a yard sale last week and sold some stuff...$88 dollars worth, it rained that day and not very many people came to it, but hey, at least it's a little more money than I had!  It won't quite cover the electric bill though.

4/7/2003   I might try another yard sale this weekend.....I think the weather is supposed to be better!
4/22/2003 I had another garage sale on the 12th, sold $105 worth of 'stuff'.